Leaked Emails Confirm Obama DOJ Stole Bank Settlement Money & Laundered It To Radical …

Kirsters Baish| It was just announced by the House Intelligence Committee that they would be going through with an investigation of the Uranium One problem. This issue started when the Obama administration went through the Hillary Clinton State Department to approve the sale of 20 percent of the United States entire uranium stock to a Russian company that was under investigation. Even more suspicious was the fact that there were some pretty sketchy deposits of money to the Clinton Foundation. There was also a $500,000 speakers fee paid to Bill Clinton during the uranium sale.

We are left with a lot of unanswered question. What if the Clinton Foundation and the Obama administration weren’t the only one in on it? Could the Department of Justice have been running one big shake down scheme?

The Daily Caller reported:

“Emails written by Obama administration Department of Justice officials confirm reports the agency engaged in a systemic effort to funnel money to liberal advocacy organizations from settlements reached with big banks.

The documents, obtained by the House Judiciary Committee as part of an ongoing investigation, reveal the Obama Justice Department effectively skirted Congress’s budgetary authority by requiring that major financial institutions donate to a group of affordable housing nonprofits and legal advocacy organizations as part of settlement agreements resulting from predatory mortgage lending practices. 

The internal DOJ documents represent the latest revelation in a two-year investigation spearheaded by House Financial Services Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte.

The investigation has thus far yielded evidence implicating the Obama DOJ in using mandatory donations to funnel roughly $1 billion in settlement money to activist groups, including The National Council of La Raza, the National Community Reinvestment Coalition and the National Urban League. The list of third party organizations were unrelated to the legal settlements, except through general claims that they would use the funds to aid the low income Americans most severely harmed by predatory lending practices.”

It’s important to remember events that happened in the past. The mortgage meltdown of 2008 can be tracked back all the way to President Jimmy Carter’s Community Reinvestment Act. Carter’s policy was that every single American had the same right to own a home. Since when does the government hand us our well-being? Wasn’t it always stated that they would allow us to “pursue our happiness?” All this ended in was the government shoving themselves into a private sector market, which in the case of Carter’s Reinvestment Act was the mortgage industry.

It was wrong for the private sector lending institutions to create mortgage backed securities that got sold while they knew they weren’t going to be profitable. It all ended in the mortgage lending crisis, and we all knew that mortgage-backed securities were worth nothing. This whole thing could have been avoided if the government had just not stuck their noses into the mortgage industry at all.

Flash forward to the era of former President Barack Obama. He was purposely utilizing his power to push lending institutions. The mainstream Liberal media was on his side every single step of the way. Eric Holder, Obama’s lead guy at the Department of Justice, levied fines against financial lending institutions, but not to make good on their wrongs. Oh no, they had a much more wicked reason in mind.

You’re probably wondering what happened next. Well, the community organizer in chief took the penalties levied against those financial institutions to their progressive socialist organizations. Yup, they gave the money to Liberal organizations.

The breakdown? The Obama administration was purposely shaking down these financial institutions that were simply trying to settle rather than going through the Justice Department.

“Chairman Goodlatte argued that the Obama DOJ practices amounted to the creation of a “slush fund” used to channel money to “left-wing” groups on the House floor Tuesday afternoon before a vote on legislation that would stem the practice. The bill, introduced by Goodlatte in January, prohibits the government from entering into any settlement agreement that benefits any party other than the government, with few exceptions. The vote passed mostly along party lines after hours of debate.”

It shouldn’t come as any sort of surprise that the Left didn’t support legislation that would stop any future abuse and corruption. We shouldn’t be surprised that the Democratic Party is against the government becoming a shakedown organization that levies charges and penalties against these companies just to force their own settlements to take and put into Leftist organizations.

It seems as though this, along with the Uranium One story won’t be getting much mainstream media attention. You can bet that if this kind of scam had gone on under President Trump we would be hearing about it daily for years. We cannot trust anyone who exhibits this kind of behavior. It is simply a threat to the United States of America and the laws we have in place.