After Months Of Relentlessly Bashing Trump Globalist George Clooney Gets Destroyed By Middle America

AJR| Liberal celebrities such as George Clooney are learning the hard way that their fan base is a result of anything but politics, and the blurred line will have a direct result in their bank accounts.

George Clooney has made his liberal opinions very evident and given the many platforms at his disposal the message has been heard loud and clear, and in true liberal fashion, many of his sentiments are delivered with underlying tone of hypocrisy. Maybe his most hypocritical thoughts came as he demanded America allow ten thousand refugees into America while simultaneously hiding from mass refugees nearby his mansion that could have easily housed an impressive number of refugees if he were truly focused on helping their cause.

As a direct result of his liberal and openly hypocritical opinions, Clooney’s newest project starring Julianne Moore and Matt Damon is a resounding flop.

Via The Lutchman Report:

As the new box office report from the Hollywood Reporter makes clear, Clooney’s new movie is a flop.

Suburbicon, despite Clooney pulling out all the promotional stops, is on track to make just $5 million-$7 million this weekend.

To add insult to injury, that is from a whopping 2,045 theaters. If the numbers stay the same throughout the weekend, it would make this the biggest flop Clooney has ever directed.

It would also make this one of Matt Damon biggest flop proving Trump bashing is contagious and not good for one’s career.

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