NFL Player Raises Black Power Fist to White Players… Does Not End Well

Kirsters Baish| Many of the NFL players who have crowned themselves as social activists have proven themsleves to be nothing more than racists, and they are finding out the hard way that fans will not tolerate their disrespectful behavior. The majority of Americans are angry by the National Anthem protests, and the blatant disrespect for our men and women in uniform. Things have escalated in recent weeks, and NFL players are doing more than just kneeling during the National Anthem.

Many fans have decided to boycott the NFL due to the anthem protests, and the boycott has been so successful that the NFL has lost hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue. That is just accounting for this season alone.

It’s not just the revenue loss that the NFL has to worry about, however. President Donald Trump has been pushing for the NFL to lose its $1.1 billion in government subsidies. It seems perfectly fair that these subsidies should be taken away if players decide not to respect the rules of the game and stand for the anthem. After this very real threat came about, along with Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones coming forward to explain that his players will stand for the anthem if they want to play, many players are pushing the boundaries even further.

Jerry Jones has made good on his word, and has followed through on his words. Damontre Moore recently joined the Cowboys as a replacement for their star kicker who was injured recently. Wayne Dupree reported that Moore decided to go against the words of his boss and throw up the Black Power Salute during the National Anthem. It wasn’t smart of Moore to test Jones, because he is no longer part of the Cowboys team.

Wayne Dupree wrote:

“The Dallas Cowboys released player Damontre Moore while of picking up a kicker as their star player got hurt last week, but that’s not all.

Moore also defied Cowboys owner Jerry Jones who told the world his team wasn’t going to disrespect the National Anthem and if they choose to do so, they won’t play.

Jones also has been reported to have said that anyone on his team that disrespects the National Anthem won’t be a Dallas Cowboys.

The former player raised his fist during the playing of the anthem in previous games. Coach Jason Garrett contends Moore wasn’t let go because of that, but it was a football decision, basically a game of numbers that led to Moore being let go.”

It’s important for players to remember a few things while on the field. During game time they are under direction of their team’s owners, and this means respecting the wishes of that owner. Now, networks are throwing around the idea of decreasing the number of games aired. It is being made very clear that if players keep alienating their fans, they will no longer have fans, and they will soon be out of a job.

NY Daily News also wrote about the Cowboys releasing Moore, but stated that they did so in order to make room for kicker Mike Nugent, which was announced on Wednesday. Jerry Jones has stated numerous times that in his opinion, players should be standing for the anthem. He also stated recently that the protests are severely impacting the NFL.

Not a single player on the Cowboys has kneeled or sat down during the anthem, however Moore was one of two players who decided to raise his fist in the Black Power Salute during the National Anthem. This happened after Jones had told players how he felt about the issues at hand.

Jason Garrett also stated that the decision to cut Moore from the team was simply a football decision. 

Pro Football Talk reported that Garrett stated, “We had to make a roster move and we just felt like the best decision for our team was to release Damontre Moore.”

When asked if they cut Moore during to his post-anthem protest or his recent incidents off the field, Garrett gave a one word answer of “no.”

The American flag means so much more than just a piece of cloth. The fact that these players see nothing wrong with showing such disrespect for the symbol of our nation, the symbol which represents all of the men and women fighting for our freedoms, is truly disgusting. We have Americans dying in combat to protect us, and these self-entitled players would rather pretend to be social justice warriors than show a little respect.

These guys do have the right to protest, but on their own time. When you are being paid to play football, you get on the field and you play football. You do not turn your job into a political platform. Americans have spoken, and the NFL is not responding quickly enough.